Our Dream

Our dream is to have the first Bright Angels Nursery & Primary School pupil studying at university by 2028. That might seem far away but if a child attends university at the age of 18 it means that it is in our school already today! 

In order to achieve that very ambtious target we must first have an environment in which children can study. But we are also focusing on constantly improving learning methods and tools. This is something that we cannot do alone so if someone is willing and able to help to make our dream come true feel free to contact us. 

Our Expansion Project

The school has quickly gained a good reputation and grown from 18 pupils in 2015 to 60 in 2017. Many families in the neighbourhood have indicated that they want their children to be a pupil of the school next year.

Together with KACODO the management has made an expansion plan including among many other things the following:

-     Hire more teachers.

-     Create greater access to quality education for all children in Katooke by putting up additional class room blocks.

-     Acquire learning materials like study books, pencils, exercise books etc. 

-     Acquiring desks, chairs and other furniture. 

-     Set up a library where children can borrow books and magazines. 

-    Computers to set up a small computer room. 

-     A new bore well to secure clean water supply.

Extra Class Rooms

Currently there are three classes for nursery section and another four classes for lower primary (primary one to four) and an office. The available buildings are of baked mud bricks built with mortar of sand and cement. The roofing is of timber and iron sheets. Doors and windows are metallic.

The plan is to put up three class rooms blocks to accommodate classes for primary five to primary seven.

KACODO is to provide locally available materials like bricks and sand. Other building materials like cement, timber, nails and iron sheets are to be procured